10 Acne Myths Revealed Iondes
10 Acne Myths Revealed

Acne myths are spread around every single day. So many people believe the information to be true and have the best intentions of sharing what they’ve learned with others. But, these myths can cause a great deal of trouble when it is time to regain your beautiful skin. Here we will take a look at 10 of the most common acne myths that are being spread around. With this information you will be able to help prevent and eliminate acne.

1. Acne Has A Cure

There is no cure for acne. Oh how we wish there were! Unfortunately there are only treatment choices as of now, so if there is a product promising to cure acne it is probably not something that you want to use.

2. Sex Causes Acne

Sex causes acne, according to many parents who had teenage children. This is not true, but parents may want to still spread this one around. Nothing wrong with scaring them a little bit, heh?

3. Acne Must Run Its Course

Don’t waste your money on those OTC acne products, according to some, because acne must run its course and these products aren’t going to do anything but waste your money. Wrong! Not using those products is the wrong choice to make. They help eliminated prevent acne!

4. Greasy Foods Cause Acne

Another false statement here. You can enjoy pizza, fries, burgers, bacon and more without worry as they do not cause acne. It is imperative that you maintain a healthy diet, however, it is okay to sneak one of these delicious treats in now and then.

5. Acne is caused by Dirty Skin

A myth. Although if you aren’t cleaning your face dirt, bacteria and dead skin cells can become trapped in the pores, and we all know this leads to acne.

6. The Sun Clears Acne

No! No! No! For some reason people think that sitting out in the sun will help clear their acne, but this is another false statement. The sun is actually damaging to the skin and while it may make them appear less noticeable it will cause more damage than good.

7. Only Teens Get Acne

Far from it. Adults can get acne…at any age. Sure, more teens will suffer from acne than adults, but those of all ages can develop acne.

8. It is Okay to Pop a Pimple

Never should a pimple be popped. This can cause an even greater breakout to occur in the future and push dirt and bacteria back down into the skin. To learn other details, get more information here.

9. You Need to See a Dermatologist

Most acne suffers can treat acne with OTC products, but a visit to a dermatologist never hurt.

10. Toothpaste Will Cure Acne

Do not use toothpaste on acne! Yes, some say that it is good and it does have ingredients proven to fight acne. However it also causes harm to the skin in some cases thanks to other ingredients.